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    Description of PractiSoft Advanced

    PractiSoft Advanced Patient Accounting is accounts receivable, insurance billing and practice management software designed for all Dental practices. PractiSoft Advanced eases a health care practice's patient accounting chores and provides precise information to aid in more effectively managing any practice.

    PractiSoft Advanced is the product of many years of refinement, relying on the thousands of practices using the program to recommend changes in the software to make their job easier. PractiSoft Advanced delivers stale-of-the-art features with unparalleled ease of use. PractiSoft Advanced works like a health care practice works, following the same simple steps as a manual accounting system.
    Accounting is Simpler

  • Patient ledgers show complete patient account activity including charges, payments and account adjustments. Reviewing a patient account is easier with the on-screen ledger window.

  • Patient and insurance aging reports easily pinpoint past-due patient and insurance payments.

  • Patient statements may he produced on attractive, standard business forms or custom-designed in just the right format with the PractiSoft Advanced statement and insurance form Formatter.
  • Reduce patient account inquiries by holding patient statements until all of a patient's insurance has paid. It's automatic with patient remainder billing.

  • With multiple fee schedules. up to twenty-six pieces may be stored and recalled for each procedure.

  • Payments, automatically match charges using the payment application operation.

  • Record deposits and print deposit slips by date for each payment received.

    Practice Management is More Effective

  • The insurance analysis report analyzes charges made to and payments received from insurance carriers. Capitation payments are detailed for tracking services and payments for patients on capitated insurance plans.

  • Charge, payment and account adjustment information on the practice day sheet makes closing a day fast and accurate.

  • The practice analysis report guides and informs with information on procedures performed, payments received and accounts adjusted for any period including a day, month or year.

  • When a practice depends on referred patients, the PractiSoft Advanced patient referral report pinpoints these important sources of revenue.

  • Scheduling appointments is a snap with OFFICE HOURS, the patient scheduling program included with PractiSoft Advanced.

  • Scheduling patient recall appointments for one visit or a series of visits needed for tasks like calendaring a child's immunization schedule is easy with PractiSoft Advanced's multiple appointment recall system. Patients can be informed of recall appointments with custom-designed post cards, or appointment information may be exported for use in personalized letters from your word processor.

  • Billing information is secure in PractiSoft Advanced. Powerful security is built into the program to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. Office managers can easily review changed or deleted billing data on the PractiSoft Advanced audit report.

  • An extra user-defined screen of patient information is available for tracking special information like immunizations, prescription medication or research data. Define up to 100 special data fields.

  • PractiSoft Advanced tracks each patient's last visit date to make recalling patients for periodic care easy and automatic.

    Insurance Billing is Fast and Accurate

  • Stores information for billing virtually every type of health insurance including private commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, CHAMPUS, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, worker's compensation, auto insurance for personal injury cases and many others.

  • Prints Dental insurance claim forms. Custom claim forms are easily designed with the PractiSoft Advanced insurance claim and statement formatter.

  • Turn up your cash flow with electronic claim submission. Set up your clearing house for  electronic claims submission to prevent errors, reduce rejections and shorten payment times.

    PractiSoft is Easy to Learn and Use

  • Search windows pop up to quickly find patients, procedures, diagnoses, insurance carriers or any other information stored in the program. If you know the name, you can easily find the code. The PractiSoft Advanced tutorial introduces computerized billing and makes learning the program easier.

  • Windows for setting up or correcting patients, procedures, diagnoses, insurance carriers and more pop up anywhere a code is needed.

  • Help windows pop up to explain every screen in the program. PractiSoft Advanced is its own computer expert.

  • The training help mode gives detailed information on each field in the program to help new users become effective quickly.

    Managed Care is Made Manageable

  • PractiSoft Advanced tracks the number of visits allowed and the number of visits used in a treatment series. Visit information displays on the transaction entry screen and may be printed on insurance claims, statements and reports.

  • Records, tracks and analyzes services rendered and payments received from insurance carriers for patients on capitated insurance plans. It's easy to see if participation in a particular plan is profitable.

  • Handles PPO patients with a fixed amount co-payment easily and efficiently.

    practisoft dental billing service software - medisoft medical billing software

    Is PractiSoft suitable for me and my practice?

    PractiSoft is appropriate for any health care practice that bills for provider services. PractiSoft is also popular with entrepreneurs running medical billing services either as a home-based business or in an office. PractiSoft has been refined for use in a doctor's office, making it perfect for use in a billing service, too.

    Hardware Requirements

    Windows System Requirements: (MINIMUM)

    Pentium II or faster processor, 64 MB RAM, Windows 98; 2000, ME, NT, XP operating system; any supported Windows display; Ink Jet or Laser printer, and US Robotics modem for electronic claims submission. Faster CPU's and more memory will make the program run faster. (Network card required for multi-user and client server systems; Fast Ethernet network recommended) Client server usually requires a dedicated file server for optimum performance.


    To download a working limited runtime version of Practisoft CLICK HERE.

    dental practice billing software - Practisoft dental billing


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